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Speech therapy for children
Speech Therapist for Children
Speech therapy for children

Professional Background

Randi Jacoby, M.S.C.C.C.,
Speech and Language Pathologist

I would like to introduce myself to you!  I am a New York State Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist. I hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence from The American Speech and Hearing Association.  I obtained my Master of Science Degree with honors from Columbia University.   For many years, I have served as the Director of Jacoby Speech Therapy Associates for Children in Manhattan, where we specialize in pediatric communication development and learning skills.  For over 20 years, I have lectured to both parents and educators at the renowned 92NY Parenting Center and Nursery School, in addition to serving as a consultant to local private and public schools. I have been a contributor to New York Family Magazine, as well as many parent education portals, including podcasts for Boston University Health Matters and the 92NY.  As a member of the Clinical Advisory Board of the Boston University School of Health and Rehabilitation, I play an active role in mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students in my field. The Parents Guide to Special Education in New York City recognized me as one of the top therapists in my area of expertise. I am an active member in good standing with the American Speech, Hearing, and Language Association. Throughout my career, I have been an ardent advocate on behalf of children with developmental disabilities and learning disorders.  As a result of my work in rehabilitating children who have suffered with brain tumors, I became involved in The Children’s Brain Tumor Project, raising funds for their research.  As the parent of two adult sons, I bring not only professional expertise to my work, but practical parenting wisdom as well. I am always available to parents and educators for questions and discussions regarding their child or student.

My Philosophy

Nothing makes me happier than to watch a child blossom and feel confident in themself as a result of our work together. I see each child as having strengths. There may be some developmental delay or disorder present in the growth of speech and language skills. However, I strive to create an individualized treatment plan, geared to each child’s abilities and interests, in order to help build up any area that may need to be addressed in speech and language therapy.  I look at the child as a whole person, with their self-esteem and self-confidence at the forefront at all times.  I try to build up each child’s communicative comfort and academic skills while targeting our therapeutic goals. Establishing a joyful bond with both children and parents is essential, and makes for a well-coordinated process. It is very important to make sure that each child has fun in their sessions so that treatment is something that is looked forward to. I have had great success in doing this throughout my career.

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