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Randi Jacoby, M.S.C.C.C, is an often quoted expert and presenter in the field of speech and language therapy for children. 

To schedule an interview, media appearance, or to get Ms. Jacoby's opinion on a particular topic, please click here.


How To Encourage Language Development In Toddlers

As any parent with a late talking child knows, it’s incredibly difficult to know if your son or daughter has a true speech delay, or if he or she simply needs another few months for speech to emerge.  


Randi Jacoby discusses what to look for and how to stimulate your child in a
play-based, natural manner.

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From Birth, Engage Your Child With Talk

New York Times health writer, Jane Brody,  interviews Randi Jacoby regarding the role of parents in helping their young children to develop speech, by providing strong communicative models.

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You’ve Got This: Supporting Speech and Language with Our Toddlers

The 92nd Street Y

NewYork City, NY

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How “Simon Says” Helps Parents Bond with Their Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic by HealthMatters

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Secrets of a Speech Pathologist

Randi Jacoby is an experienced speech pathologist who advises parents on topics in child language development and regularly speaks at the 92Y. Here, she offers some expert advice.

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